gp2xPd is for making weird music on your gp2x. It consists of two pieces of software.

The first is a port of PDa to the gp2x platform which is itself a modified version of the puredata patching language which is mainly used for sound synthesis.

The second piece of software is a Python program I wrote which reads a Puredata patch and draws it on the gp2x screen using the pygame library. It takes joystick instructions to move between and manipulate the GUI elements in the puredata patches. In this way you can build patches in puredata and copy them onto your gp2x and use the gp2x to control them.

So basically you can jam with your favorite puredata patches on your favorite open gaming handheld.

Thanks to Gareth Williams for his twenty pound bounty donation to the gp2xPd port.

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