looper advance is a music program by chris mccormick which runs on a gameboy advance.

you might have heard a bunch of words like eight bit punk chip tunes palm top techno gameboy squeaky shoe core ble ble ble ble ble. but what it’s really about is having fun, and being able to write music wherever you like.

looper advance enables the user to compose beats, loops, and melodies and perform live with them. it’s sort of like a drum machine for the gameboy advance. looper advance is open source (GPL), meaning you can download the sourcecode and change it yourself. if you do this it would be great if you sent me your changes so i can incorporate them into my version.

to play this gameboy advance rom on your gameboy advance, you will need to burn it to a rom cartridge. try searching on google for ‘gameboy advance rom flasher’ to purchase the appropriate hardware.

if you don’t have a gameboy advance you can play the rom in an emulator on your pc. an example of a great emulator is visualboy advance. playing the looper advance rom on an emulator is not as satisfactory as playing it on the hardware.

once you’ve downloaded the rom, you might like to follow the tutorial on how to write your own music with looper advance.

if you find any bugs during the course of using the program, please let me know so that i can fix them for the next version.