Chris McCormick - News - squeakyshoecore Chris McCormick - News - squeakyshoecore en Copyright 2008- Chris McCormick 60 GMT squeakyshoecore ep out now on ChordPunch! entries/squeakyshoecore-ep-on-chordpunch I'm excited to let you know that my new EP is out now on UK label ChordPunch!

ChordPunch release cp0x07 - squeakyshoecore ep

It's called squeakyshoecore EP and you can find it in most mp3 shops now. I would really appreciate it if you would give it a review, or tweet/facebook it, do a blog post, give it a listen, or buy it.

Visit the squeakyshoecore page to like/share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus

Any help you can give me getting the word out would be very appreciated.

Thank you so much!

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Squeaky polygons entries/squeaky-polygons 1.png

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Squeakyshoecore live in Sydney entries/squeakyshoecore-live-in-sydney squeakyshoecore-upright.png

I'll be playing some squeakyshoecore algorithmic acid this Thursday afternoon at Hermann's Bar at the University of Sydney. I'm on at 5pm. See you there!

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Seriously Sound System Interviews entries/seriously-sound-system-interviews Here are a couple of interviews I did in preparation for playing squeakyshoecore at the Seriously Sound System festival at Hyde Park, Western Australia, this Saturday the 18th of December, 2010 at 12:40pm.

This is an mp3 of the radio interview I did with Peter Barr for local radio station RTRFM

This is a magazine interview I did for Drum Media Perth; sorry it is a graphic. here is the Flash applet source of this excerpt.


More links:

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squeakyshoecore articles etc. entries/squeakyshoecore-articles-etc I've recorded the sixth tune, "Oval BA", for the squeakyshoecore algorithmic acid album. Click the shoe to have a listen!

Here are some articles that nice people have written about squeakyshoecore:

To use GarageAcidLab (the engine used to make squeakyshoecore) on your Android phone or on your PC with Pure Data, click here:

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CanOfBeats in the Android Market entries/canofbeats-in-the-android-market CanOfBeats running on Android

There's a good reason I haven't been posting many squeakyshoecore tunes lately, or making much progress on my video game Infinite8BitPlatformer. I've been hacking hard in my spare time, and the good news is that CanOfBeats, my algorithmic hiphop beat generator, is now available for Android phones and devices! So if you are seeking beats and you rock an Android phone, help an indie developer out and get yrself a copy from the Android Market.


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Squeaky Squeaky Squeak entries/squeaky-squeaky-squeak squeakyshoecore

I finished this new tune a few days ago but I'm only just getting around to releasing it. Go to the squeakyshoecore page and click song five to hear it.

Here are the Pure Data patches used to create this music.

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Squeakyshoecore GarageAcidLab source release entries/squeakyshoecore-garageacidlab-source-release squeakyshoecore

I have uploaded a new squeakyshoecore tune called Hilbert Curve, named after my favorite fractal. Czech it here.

Also, here are the Pure Data patches which are used to make this music. You can control them with a midi controller.

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Squeaky Shoe Core entries/squeaky-shoe-core

I've started a new album. It is called squeakyshoecore. It is algorithmically generated acid using some software I wrote. I am going to release it online bit by bit, as I finish each track. I will announce each new track here on this blog.

squeakyshoecore logo


The software makes two different beats and two complementary melodies using random number generators and some carefully tuned algorithms for using those random numbers. The melody shaping rules involve applying a low dimensional random fractal effect on very basic seed melodies, producing a type of self-similarity which seems to sound interesting to humans. The beats are created using a variety of custom rule sets, much like my previous work with algorithmic hip-hop in CanOfBeats and my algorithmic drum-and-bass generator, GhostWave.

After that I manually control how loud each of the parts are present in the mix, what effects are being applied to the different parts, and the parameter values of those effects. I use a midi controller to mix it in real time and record it.

Soon I will make the latest version of the Pure Data patches ("GarageAcidLab") available online under a Free Software license.

Enjoy the first tracks!

P.S. Some other music I've released on the net previously is Cryptolect, end-of-millenium style chopped-up breakbeats.

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