Dec. 9, 2010
squeakyshoecore: New tunes, interview, live set

Hello! I've uploaded two new tunes to the squeakyshoecore album of algorithmic acid. They are called ring singularity and prolate spheroid. Get yr rave on here. Incidentally, you might like to type the names of the squeakyshoecore songs into the search bar of Wikipedia. They are all named after fascinating science and mathematics topics.

upside down squeakyshoecore shoe

On the 18th of December, I will also be playing a live gig in Hyde Park, Perth. I will be using the GarageAcidLab algorithms that I use to make squeakyshoecore here in Perth, Western Australia as part of the Seriously Sound System music festival organised by the local radio station, RTRFM. I am on just after midday at 12.40 in the afternoon. It should be a lot of fun!

Leading up to that I will be interviewed on that radio station at 8am local time this Friday the 10th of December. If you are not awake for it (like me), or you don't live in Western Australia, you can listen to the podcast, which I'll post here afterwards if I can figure out where it is.


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