Sept. 10, 2015
Lego Things

kitty-exo.jpg image2.jpeg photo.jpg image.jpeg

Scout and I picked up a Lego table for $25 last year. One of our favourite pastimes lately has been making Lego things together.

Sept. 1, 2015


July 9, 2015
Mandarc's Kopjie

mandarc's-kopjie.png mandarc-and-ship-2.png mandarc-walking.png

June 25, 2015
Re-ware Provocation

HTC Desire Z

My HTC Desire Z Android phone from 2010 died. I am taking this as a re-ware design/lifestyle provocation. As such I am now running an even older smartphone - my development iPhone 3Gs from 2009. Do we even need a modern smartphone for our day-to-day computing needs?

iPhone 3Gs

Things I have learned:

Here's a screenshot of MindReader self-hosted ebook reader:

MindReader screenshot

In other news my HP Folio 13 screen also cracked a couple of nights ago. It has been a really wonderful machine and I am sad to have to upgrade.

HP Folio 13

My favourite thing about it has been its rectangular shape in each dimension. It will live on in our house as an HDMI media box under our television.

June 20, 2015
Kid Hacks Dad's Computer

She SSH'es into her father's machine from her Raspberri Pi. Presumably like any good hacker she used social engineering to obtain his password. She then uses the ps or top command to find the process ID of the "Sublime Text" editor he is using - the number she reads out. She then uses the OSX say command on the command line on his computer to make it speak to him:

$ say "Dad watch out"

Given his reaction it appears he doesn't consider the possibility that anybody has remote access to his machine and he also doesn't seem to know about the OSX say command, hypothesizing incorrectly that the kids have set up a timed MP3 file. Finally, she uses the kill command on his machine to kill the "Sublime Text" process, closing down the windows he is working on.

Ha ha ha, adorable!