May 28, 2016
OMG Not Another TODO List Application

My wife and I needed a collaborative shopping list that we could update from our phones. There are proprietary solutions to this but after some research I was surprised to discover that there is no Free Software application that meets the following criteria:

Of course I built one with ClojureScript.

Screenshot of 

We've been using this "in production" for 3 months and so far it fills our need without issue.

The realtime updating is accomplished via long-polling. Primarily I used this instead of websockets because when it comes to browsers, older tech is more robust to different operating environments than newer tech.

I resorted to using PHP for a very lightweight server backend because it has the property that basically anybody with web hosting is able to upload a PHP script and I think it's good to give software as egalitarian a deployment surface as possible. Luckily it is only 150 lines of not-too-painful PHP.

Click here to get the source and download/install it.

May 22, 2016
Treehouse Building

DSC_0381.png DSC_0386.png DSC_0387.png smssecure-2016-05-07-141043.png DSC_0407.png DSC_0392.png

Couple of weekends ago Jessee and Chris came over and we made this free-standing tree-house-like platform thing for Scout and Orson out of some wooden palettes I'd collected during the preceding week.

When I say "we made" of course I mean they made it and wisely only let me touch one or two power tools during the course of construction.

April 8, 2016
Some Isometric Sprites




Tree #1

Tree #2

Mandarc side view

These are some video game style isometric and side view renders of previous 3d work I did:

March 27, 2016
Corn & Zucchini

DSC_0129.JPG DSC_0054.JPG

Wrong time of year but we'll see what happens.

March 15, 2016
Mccormick Family Photo 2016