Oct. 30, 2020

Since I was a kid I've always loved the roguelike genre. These procedurally generated mostly-text-based games have a wonderful depth and I've long been fascinated by the leverage and replayability you get from the procedural aspect.

Asterogue gameplay 

For the past 10 weeks I've been working on my own roguelike. It's a sci fi game with tile graphics set in the interior caverns of an asteroid. I've had heaps of fun building this and I hope you'll have as much fun playing it.

Here's the announcement on Twitter if you care to help me out with a retweet. Thanks so much!


Aug. 31, 2020

Recently I launched this web based template project that you can use to make your own roguelike game. If you've ever wanted to make your own roguelike game and you know a bit of web development then this is for you.

I'm also recording a series to screencasts which show you how to customise the template to make your own game. It's a walk-through of the whole process, basically a graphical javascript roguelike tutorial which you can follow along with.


Aug. 14, 2020


July 22, 2020

DSC_0037.JPG DSC_2425.JPG DSC_0052.JPG DSC_0046.JPG DSC_2454.JPG DSC_0053.JPG

July 17, 2020

At the end of June I finally shipped Slingcode, the browser based code editor I've been working on for several months.

The response was overwhelming:

  • ~22,000 visitors to the site.
  • ~7,000 uses of the Slincode app.
  • ~2,400 YouTube views of the intro.
  • Made the front page of Hacker News.
  • 100+ reactions on dev.to.
  • 57 retweets of the launch.

This has been a humbling experience and I'm grateful to every person who checked it out and those who gave me feedback. Thank you!

Since then I've been recording screencasts for getting started with technologies like React, Vue.js, and SVG live-coding in Slingcode. You can find the screencasts at slingcode.net/screencasts.html or on the YouTube playlist embedded here:

I hope this tool and the screencasts are useful to you.


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