Sept. 29, 2009
cc65 2.13 release

Woohoo, Ullrich von Bassewitz has made a new release of everyone's favorite 8bit compiler, cc65 - the first in a while.

cc65 has C and runtime library support for many of the old 6502 machines, including

  • The Commodore VIC20, C16/C116, C64, C128, C116, Plus/4, 510 (aka P500), the 600/700 family and newer PET machines (not 2001).

  • The Apple ][ and successors.

  • The Atari 8 bit machines.

  • GEOS for the C64 and C128.

  • The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

  • The Supervision console.

  • The Oric Atmos.

  • The Lynx Console.

This is the compiler that I used to create aSid, a program which turns your commodore64 into a synthesizer.

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